Elizabeth Petersen

Founder and Executive Director

Elizabeth Petersen (PhD Candidate, University of the Western Cape) served as social worker and managing director (15 years) of St Anne’s Homes for abused women and children. Together with her colleagues in the shelter sector, the Western Cape Transitional and Special Needs Housing Forum was established and she played a key role in helping to establish the Shelter Movement of SA. She has studied various related courses in the USA and established strong networks in support of SAFFI’s work in South Africa. She is currently pursuing her PhD which explores the incipient (hidden) theologies present in intervention programs for perpetrators of IPA and to what extent this entrenches or deters key signifiers of abuse. Elizabeth serves on the boards of St Anne’s Homes and the UWC Desmond Tutu Centre for Spirituality and Society. She has written various academic articles and have presented SAFFI’s unique model of intervention at several international platforms and conferences.

Lynn-Joy Isaacs

Training & Programme Development

Lynn-Joy joined SAFFI in 2016 as the Training and Programme Development Manager.  She co-founded a successful NPO in a rural community that focuses on early childhood, youth and family development; where she still avails herself in an advisory capacity when needed.  Lynn-Joy is an excellent workshop/training and dialogue facilitator; playing a key role in developing training content and programmes. She is integral to implementing and aligning SAFFI’s strategic focus and partnerships.  Lynn-Joy has a degree in Psychology and as a Registered Counsellor, provides psycho-social services to SAFFI’s religious leaders, their families and members of their faith communities. She provides leadership to the SAFFI staff team and helps to strengthen as well as sustain SAFFI’s programmatic infrastructure. She is currently completing her Masters in Child and Family Studies at the University of the Western Cape. 

Patrick Sambo

Oudtshoorn Project Coordinator

Patrick joined SAFFI as the project coordinator for Oudtshoorn in 2016. Patrick has worked hard to build relationships with various religious leaders in Oudtshoorn and is a key ambassador for creating awareness about the crucial intersection between religion and Gender-Based Violence in the Eden District. Patrick has 15 years of experience working in land and development and 25 years of experience working in the field of religion and justice. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and especially grandchild, being active in his local church life, and being involved in the local cricket scene.

Katie Roman

Atlantis Fieldworker

Katie joined SAFFI as a fieldworker in 2013, specifically working in the area of Atlantis. Katie has been instrumental in building relationships with local religious leaders and she continues to support and strengthen their capacity to address Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Women. Katie is a powerful voice and presence and her passion is vested in bringing families and communities together. Katie also has a passion for music and helped establish the Hope Atlantis Youth Choir in 1990. This choir is still running today and will celebrate its 30 year anniversary in 2020.  Katie is currently enrolled in a Bachelors of Sociology degree which focuses on Community Development and Leadership.

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